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Buying Your First Car Tips

Choosing your first car can be daunting, here some car buying tips to help you decide which best suites you.


The merits of brand new cars are:

Firstly, buyers are opportune to choose exact specification. Secondly, the owner will get full deal of the warranty package and any bonus deals that are on offer at the moment of purchase. Finally, there will be no unknown record to worry about.

choosing your first car buying tips

There are more good reasons to buy new. Newer cars will possess more advanced technology, and the value of this should not be overlooked  especially in the areas of fuel efficiency (where significant development  have been made comparatively lately) and safety measures  such as suitability control give invaluable or even life saving assistance  in the advent  of an unforeseen contingency.  95% of vehicles sold currently on the brand new market are 5 star ANCAP rating which promotes safety as value for the safety keen buyer looking for peace of mind on safety.

You can also visit this link to help you choose the car you want.

On the downside, it’s also true that most faults in latest cars stem from electrical disorder, many of which cannot be easily attended to by road side as a result of the technology required in treating those breakdowns.

There is much involved in choosing the best suited car because there are various variants of likes and dislikes of particular manufacturers makes and models. The best advice is go to a brand new car dealer and check out all the models you liked on your wish list, after the test drive have think and cross out the ones you didn’t like.

Your choice of car can depend on may factors like fuel economy, seating comfort, cosmetic looks, boot space, service costs, reviews from internet or car magazines, size of car, engine size, technology in the car and many more different variations of likes and dislikes.

The other factor is paying for the car, which is, can you afford this car? and how would want to finance the car? and deciding whether using your savings or getting a car loan. Do your research on car loans and interest rates offered on the market. You can visit

There are over five million used cars sold every year. This enormous choice is probably the single best reason for buying a second hand car.

Second hand cars have travelled hundreds of miles but Not enough to have any effect  on their appearance or drivability, but enough to take that new car feeling out of the sight of some buyers, which is enough  reason  to avoid them. Others will appreciate the fact that the registration and chores will have been sorted
Another big advantage is that you prevent  taking the financial hit of devaluing  of about 20% of a new car’s value is out as soon as it leaves the show room. Not many new cars are worth more than half their purchase price after few years, while many might have lost up to 66% of their value. The introduction of ever longer company warranties has also lead to the increase in likeness of used cars increasing peace of mind for those buying formerly owned vehicles. More than half of all second hand car sales are made by car sellers. The best second hand cars are often those found within makers approved used schemes. You will pay much more for them, but the buyers experience is not far away from buying new.
Buying from a non-specialist but reputable sellers will always be more expensive than purchasing privately, but you can expect to get decent warranty should you experience difficulties. Private deals will proffer you better prices, while buying at auction will generally be the cheapest route to buying a second hand car vehicle, but genuine bargains are scarce and buyers have little almost no comeback on sellers. The disadvantages of second hand cars are an extra name on the registration document which will reduce the car’s resale value and the limitation of choice In terms of requirement you get whatsoever the deal considers best for both demonstrator interest and convenient resale. They’re aware of what the market needs, so this is not a bad thing.
The biggest risk of buying used is uncertainty about such car’s history. Clocking, or tampering with the recorded mileage, is still a challenge. A car will often possess a full service history if not so, you can purchase  some reassurance in the form of a history check which can be checked online, just google online vehicle history check.

While the Internet has mainly made the task of buying a new car or truck easier, the process is still pockmarked with errors that can trip up even the savviest shopper, You’ll not only pay the least price for the car that best satisfy your needs and is cheapest to own in the long run, but will also avoid deeming fit to unnecessary charges and high profit additions that can sour even the sweetest deal. The method below can be used to get the best deals for a new car.

  • Assess Your budget And needs. Begin the new car shopping procedure by realistically identifying your cars wants and needs, relative to your financial situation. To get the absolute most for your automotive dollars you will want to enter this process with an open mind, not an open wallet. Consult Internet shopping services to research various models, makes and vehicle types under your consideration. Check prices of makes that you like, and determine the price of car you can afford. If you are fortunate enough to be paying for a new car in cash or Otherwise, check with a lender to evaluate how large a loan payment you can afford and qualify for due to your down payment, which would be the amount of cash at hand you have prepared for the purchase plus the value of your trade in, if you have one, and any cash refund that may apply.
  • Consider Your Long Term Costs. For starters, pick a maker that possesses an awesome resale price tag. You can assess a vehicle’s future value by checking its residual value after three or five years through an online pricing site or by calling a local car leasing agency. The differences here could add up to several thousand dollars depending on the model, make and price, Check in advance what you will pay for insurance on competing makes and shop around to find the least prices. While premiums are based mainly on an owner’s age, address, marital status, and driving history, some vehicles are surely cheaper to insure than others, based on their histories, pricey luxury models and sports cars are typically the most expensive types of cars to insure, with family minded crossovers and minivans generally being the cheapest.
  •  Determine Your Car’s Trade In Value.  Know what your present car is worth before beginning the transaction process, Estimates are based on a car’s mileage, condition and how it’s equipped, and will vary by location. Be honest when assessing your present ride’s condition for valuation motives; not a lot of second hand cars fall into the excellent category without professional amendment. If you’re willing to invest the trouble and time, you will usually get more money selling your present car privately. If it is a desirable latest model in top condition you may want to shop it to  several dealers’ used car sections to see which will offer you the most for the car. However, do not expect to get much for an older car and needs work. That’s because new car dealers keep only latest model cars in top condition for resale and eliminate of the rest at auction. And always negotiate a cars trade in value separately from the new car deal.
  • Take An Interest In Financing. If you will be taking out a loan to finance the deal, shop around earlier to find the least interest rates, which can vary by several percent from one lender to another, with credit unions basically offering the best terms, which is basically available only to those having crimeless borrowing histories
  • Start A Bidding War.  Most car shopping websites enable consumers to seek and obtain offers from local dealerships easily and quickly. Be sure to compare bids from various dealers both within a given range from where you live and beyond. It may be worth the drive to buy a car from a dealer located in a different or state if the savings are significant. Take your lowest bid and see if any of the other dealers you questioned will beat it maintaining the car’s invoice price, with options, as your objective. Repeat the procedure as necessary until you have reached the lowest attainable price.
  • Negotiating the Best attainable transactionWhile you might discover a dealership offering a given maker at a fair price through the Internet, the only means to make sure you are getting the least obtainable price is through hardnosed pricing. A dealer’s best price can vary day by day depending on a variety of factors. Never buy a car based mainly on a monthly payment you may be quoted. If you have arranged financing ahead of time, keep this fact to yourself, as a dealership might be willing to let go a few cash on the agreed deal price with the hope of making it back by arranging financing for you later.
  • Watch Your Back End.Once you have settled on a transaction price and trade in value you will be led into the dealership’s insurance and finance manager’s office to incorporate the final touches on the deal. Stay alert, as this is where the most trick can take place. Always take your time to read all documents carefully, make sure the values all follows with what has been agreed upon and use a calculator to ensure your values are correct before signing anything. Never sign a blank contract or drive a car off the lot without clearing all the necessary paperwork. Get all promises, such as to include dealers supplied accessories later, in writing. And refuse to pay for non genuine charges that may suddenly appear in the paperwork like add ons and advertisement that are compulsorily part of the dealer’s business costs. And be sure to omit high cost services like, rust proofing, credit insurance fabric protection, paint sealant and service agreements.


From handy hints on how to spot if a car is stolen vehicle to alterations on the mileage, Ensure to buy from dealer to get legal protection because buying privately is placing you in a buyers beware situation. It’s up to you to and checks the car thoroughly before you buy. Below are some essential factors to consider when purchasing a second hand car.


  • The seller must show the registration document because you need to see who the owner is on the paper
  • The registration should be confirmed if it has a watermark.
  • Ensure no spelling mistake on the registration document.
  • Ensure the vehicle identification number, engine number and color match the rego papers
  • The number plate must match the rego paper.
  • The VIN plate must not be tampered with.
  • The VIN numbers etched on glass or lights match must the VIN plate and rego paper
  • Ensure sign of scratches on glass to remove etched-in marks.
  • The fuel filler must not look as if it has been forced or replaced.
  • Buy a second hand car from a name you can trust.
  • Buy your second hand car.
  • Mileage
  • The mileage, age and appearance of the car must look consistent.
  • Ensure there is no sign like worn screws that the instruments might have been tampered with.
  • Check recorded mileage on service records and other documents.
  • It must look consistent with current condition and increase steadily year on year.
  • Check rego status and history online.

….And ensures the BASIC PARTS are functioning properly and without issues…


Consumers are finding vehicles able to withstand the daily STRUGGLES of life in some unlikely places. The Honda showroom is an example. There, buyers looking for reliable, safe vehicles with low repair costs and reports of problems will find the the Honda pilot, odyssey, the CRV, accord and civic are also tough cars. That’s no surprise, say industry experts. The Japanese automaker originally stands above the competition in quality and reliability screenings.


“Honda builds an astonishing product,” says Dave Wurster, president of Vincentric, an automotive company for research. “They are highly reliable, and they last for longer period of time. Their vehicles work well as long as into the future.

Other than Honda not to be biased is Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki.

European cars wont have the same reliability as Japanese car manufacturer but further more technology and prestige “Brand name” but then you can move into the supercar space which is another article…………

Taking into consideration the level of concern each problem will cause the owner, the extent to which it was resolved and the owner’s level of satisfaction with the resolution. Problems measured here are not always life threatening. One example: a knob falling off is of little concern to a car owner than failing brakes.

Driving demand

Consumers have been merciless in their demand for durable cars that do not breakdown  in the first five years of ownership. General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler have lost sales over the past 15 years because of unreliable and poor quality problems. After years of complaints about shoddy workmanship, Korean automakers Hyundai kia have focused on proving that their vehicles are built to last. They are among the first to offer 100,000-km/7-year warranties to support their claims of sure reliability.

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