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Passing the Driving Test Can be HARD (Driving Schools)

With any test we all get nervous, human nature. Why when you feel you can drive perfect and thinking you could pass it ends up with a Fail, well Because Fear and unexpected hazards, nerves with anxiety will give you a throbbing pulse, sweaty hands will drop your confidence, which causes your logical decision making to be interrupted.

Imagine when the RMS testing officer calls your name and you respond with a “yes” and you take a large gasp for air, he mumbles to you, meet me at front and wait, Sweaty shaky hands and trembling knees. This is what makes any rational decision difficult and especially behind the steering wheel.

Deal with it, You need to change your mind set,  re think a strategy (plan of action). A Good Driving School should have key points and strategies to act on and course of action at every decision made. We can give you the best course of action and strategies that can give you all the required tools to assist you in the best result you could achieve.

By any means the driving test is difficult and excellent motor skills are required with knowing all the road rules and responding to all levels of expectations required by RTA standards is essential. This alone is by no means is easy.

Lets be Honest here and i would be the first to say its not an easy job being a testing officer, for the number one reason is responsibility by issuing a licence to someone you only just meet, is daunting to say the least and freeing a person to drive without supervision needs to be assessed with safety being the number one thinking process and besides all having no fail items with a minimum score of 90% to grant a  driving licence.

Our Driving schools in Sydney can help, we can  help reduce  the fear and reduce the nerves by our tactical strategies which when taking the test making you feel more confident and aware of your surroundings when making decisions.

With even the best lesson there is always a chance you might still fail, we can do our best as the end result is within your self, you will have all the tools to make it a pass.

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Choose the Best Driving School in Sydney and Have the best chance of passing your RTA Driving Test. Here at Safe2go Driving Lessons we offer high standard skills in teaching you safe driving and the best chance to pass your RTA driving test.

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Driving Course In Sydney


  • Best Driving Course
  • Immigrants looking to change their OVERSEAS Licence can easily help in converting your overseas licence to a NSW Licence.
  • You are first required to obtain a learner licence,
  • Once you have a learners licence, you will need to know all the road rules and road principles to drive in NSW
    the sit for the RMS driving assessment test.


  • For immigrants a waiting period is not applicable, after you obtain a learners licence you can book your  RMS driver assessment ASAP.
  • Call our driving school for further information

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Building Driving Confidence

Safe2go has the experience in helping confidence boost in drivers with phobia/anxiety

Be Confident and be SAFE

We cover all Sydney metro in the major suburbs and surrounding areas

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Best Driving Lessons in Sydney

Choosing driving lessons that will teach and pass onto you safe driving habits is one of the most important aspects of learning the skill of economical and safe habits. We here at Safe2Go Driving Lessons want it to be our business to make smart motoring, safe motoring and economical motoring. Why only settle for second choice.

Don’t be fooled of driving schools teaching you the RMS Driving Test routes, as this will cost you a fortune to know all possibilities that you may drive on your RMS test day. Our best advice is learn the correct path of guide lines to pass you driving test in NSW, WHAT we mean is learn the correct practices in safe driving. We can show you ways of making your learning curve faster and easier. For us at Safe2go Driving Lessons it’s our job to make you confident and a safe driver. Why look for the cheapest driving schools in Sydney, if price is your gain then think of other peoples safety, your safety for others is worth more than Gold and your safety is worth more than gold also, your family and friends your everyone is worth more…… what we want is think about who is more important money or you and others like you on the roads. I would say it’s more than fair and more than what you may measure your driving skills to be don’t take the risk. Learn correct safe driving habits….

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