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Call Now To Book Driving Lessons either in Manual OR Automatic

Imagine you can drive manual in 2Hrs

Imagine you can drive with confidence

Because its Really Important Now !

Driving Lessons a Driving School in Sydney 1300-TO-PASSTreat Driving like a Sport, Think of the Skill and dedication needed to be the Best at the sport, why should Driving be different, learn the skills of driving to be the best at driving.

Because of well Structured and high quality Driving lessons and Low Risk Driving skills which our students learn and because of this our students adapt safer driver awareness.


Driving Lessons in Automatic or Manual


Most common I have heard is……..And because of this, haven’t driven for many years!
Don’t Short Change yourself for Cheaper or Cheapest driving Lessons!

Need Confidence Building?

We encourage car licence holders or Learner licence Drivers with low confidence  to take up our refresher lesson, Nothing worse being in unfamiliar surroundings . Taking up a 2hr driving lesson for enhanced Low Risk  driving awareness will boost your confidence. We also have helped people with Driving Phobia.

Our Driving School keeps all information confidential.

Looking to Learn Manual,  full Driving licence but can’t drive manual, then take up our offer to teach you, you will drive manual like a pro after a few lessons. (In 90% of Manual Lessons we are able to teach Manual in a full 2hr Driving Course)

Choosing your Driving School in Sydney is not easy

looking for the cheapest price is not always the answer.  We feel that Driving Courses are very much like buying insurance for your motor vehicle and this investment for driving lessons is by no means just for passing your RTA driving Test, our driving lessons are structured to include Low Risk driving skills.

When choosing your Driving School in Sydney look at lesson structure,  ask yourself questions like, “what will you gain after each Driving lesson?”. We recommend that if your looking at purchasing bulk lessons, take one driving lesson and then decide if you enjoyed the lesson, Ask the Same question again, “Was the Driving Lesson effective for you?”, at this stage decide to purchase your bulk lessons.  We believe in our quality lesson structure that we won’t ask you to purchase bulk lessons.

We conduct our lessons in 2 hour sessions, from experience the 1 hour lesson will disadvantage the student  trying to learn,  in all cases you will not have time to apply and practice what the instructor is teaching. Students who have had  1hr lessons elsewhere always find they are back tracking the learning curve, then to only revisit the same topic. Our lessons will advance you getting ready for the NSW RMS or RTA driving test sooner and faster, taking less lessons and saving you money.


Are you looking for the best Driving School in Sydney?

you’ve come to the right place….



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