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Margo Adler 

5/5 Stars

I had a two-hour lesson today with Henry, and it was fantastic. I have previously driven only in North America, and though I’ve been in Sydney for years, I’ve always been scared about driving on the left side. Henry made it so much easier than I could have imagined. He’s extremely calm and confident – exactly the sort of person you want in the passenger seat when you’re learning. He was eager to help with the specific issues I wanted to address, and he also quickly identified a number of ways I could improve my driving that I hadn’t been aware of. His instructions and tips are clear and easy to remember, and his confidence is somehow infectious. The experience really allowed me to overcome the anxiety I’ve had for so long about driving here. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the money, I’d say definitely — being a good driver is so important, and investing a bit of money for a few good lessons could save your life. Probably a good move even for experienced drivers who just want some expert suggestions and evaluation. I’ve already signed up to learn how to drive a manual with Henry, and looking forward to it! (Also, he’s a really nice guy.)

Mark Kelly 

5/5 Stars

I tried the rest and eventually tried the best, which was Henry Naser. Got my Ps on the first attempt. Henry might charge a bit more, but any other instructor is a false economy, as they will take longer and you won’t learn as much. Henry teaches you the skill of driving, which means you can pass the test because that is what it tests, but are also then able to drive with confidence.

Cristina Guico

5/5 Stars

The professionalism of my instructor gave me the confidence to pass my practical driving test without memorising any of the test routes. He taught me skills first then techniques afterwards – all totally made sense. There are other nice instructors from another driving schools but this one has the perfect approach for different types of people. I will definitely recommend him to everyone. Thank you Henry.

 5/5 Stars

I can safely say that Safe2Go not only just shows you the way to pass but definitely will work on improving your driving skills; making you feel very confident and comfortable on the road. Sydney roads having both its pros and cons can be very tricky for a driver who is not familiar with them. When I started the lessons with Safe2Go I had not driven a car for almost 1 year and was not familiar with Sydney roads at all. However with only 5 sessions including the Driving Test day Safe2Go managed to help me pass my DT and improve my driving skills and confidence. Instructor also taught me some very useful techniques for instance like how to parallel park easily. Fees could be a little bit more expensive than other driving schools; but I think it was worth it.

Burcu Vachan

5/5 Stars
Over the years I’ve had 3 lots of driving instructors and numerous family members and friends try to help me to get over my anxiety and avoidance of driving since receiving my license at age 17. I even tried hypnotherapy! After my child started school I went through a last ditch effort to get my freedom! Thankfully I stumbled on Safe2Go via a Google search. In just 2 lessons I’m on the road independently and it feels amazing!! Henry showed me through excellent practical examples backed by theory that I’d been taught techniques but not integrated essential skills like so many other drivers. Even seasoned drivers could use a refresher by Henry. The roads would certainly be safer for it! You’d be amazed at what you don’t know. Don’t waste 20 years like me. I’m even happy to be the designated driver now! 🙂 Special thank for your support and advice about choosing best car seat.

Kay Lee

5/5 Stars

NOT just another driving school in Sydney. Introduced by google in May, just as their name suggests, they emphasize safety. I have a driving license from 2 countries and 20 years of driving, but had to redo my driving test in Australia. I had subdued reservations and was reluctant to repeat the test, and did not wholeheartedly feel the need to get a license here since public transport was convenient. Safe2go allowed me to confront my inner fears and insecurities until I was confident and comfortable to drive anywhere. At Safe2go, it was evident that I was not just a customer with potential revenue. I found them caring, concerned and friendly. There was no cut-throat competition here, just individualized, tailored lessons titrated to reach your level of competence and confidence. Learning a skill is never easy. I believe the learning curve is different for everyone. There is no set number of lessons to limit yourself. You grow as you go and eventually you will know when you are ready. I found my instructor professional, passionate, practical and focused. They set very strict and high standards, and detect any flaws or improper habits both known and unknown to yourself. Their meticulous attention to detail teaches you not just to pass, but to excel. They equipped me with the tools and skills to succeed, anticipate and react. My instructor dedicated himself to resolving any issues or problems I had driving, and did everything in his power to increase my understanding and make me feel comfortable, adept and confident. Acqaintances may think that with my experience, I had too many “driving lessons”, but I think of them as “safety lessons”. I passed the test 2-3 months later. Highly recommended for anyone with or without a license, who wants to polish, improve and refine their driving skills.

 James Lunt

5/5 Stars

Due to certain circumstances at work I ended up needing to pass my driving test ASAP as a new role I took on came up that involved lots of driving to different locations across the city. Until I passed I was spending at least 3 hours a day on public transport and was really feeling the pressure to pass due to the massive inconvenience of using public transport. Prior to using safe2go I tried another driving school that was cheaper however I felt I was getting no where and not getting the support and instruction I needed in order order to successfully get my license. Luckily, I came across safe2go online and was really impressed with the reviews. Although the sessions are more expensive than other driving schools the quality, experience and professionalism of the school was evident from my first lesson with Henry and it was absolutely worth paying extra for the quality, in depth lessons. Henry, with his professionalism and vast experience took the pressure out of the process of learning to drive and helped me learn to enjoy driving safely. With safe2go you are not just learning enough to pass, Henry taught me skills that will help keep me driving safely for the rest of my life. Throughout the process of learning to drive it was always clear Henry was totally committed to helping me gain the skills I needed and that I was not just ‘another lesson’ in his week. I have never written a review before but feel obliged to write one on this occasion to show my thanks and appreciation for the guidance and support I received. When I drive now I feel assured, confident and safe and that is all because of the personalized instruction I received. I hope other people read this and make the right decision by deciding to learn with safe2go!

 Andrew Harding

5/5 Stars

Highly recommended service. After a scare on a motorway I began to have panic attacks every time I drove on a motorway or a highway. It was so overwhelming that I would have to pull over and my partner would have to take over the driving. It was so sudden and none of it made any sense as I had been driving for 20 years with the occasional accident. I never had this type of problem and the scare was so minor. It also meant my employer had to stop me from driving, which was very limiting. I thought there must be someone who specialises in helping drivers overcome anxiety given the number of accidents on the roads. A search of the internet showed my problem was not uncommon. I came acros safe2go. After 3 sessions I was driving on motorways and highways again. I have just finished and I am still building my confidence again but I am able to drive without the panic attacks. The sessions were set to my situation and not just a generic driving lesson. They were not about teaching me the road rules as such but who I operated the car. I discovered part of my problem was simply the way I drove. I feel 10 times more confident and safe when driving. My employer has now put me back on the road and I feel great. I visited a psychologist in addition to the driving sessions (not lessons) which is important to help you deal with the anxiety. If you have a problem with driving and feeling anxious in situation I highly recommend safe2go. Recognise you have a problem early enough and do something about it. It is not worth struggling with.

 A Google User

5/5 Stars

I’ve been trying to get my licence for years and have had different instructors in three different countries. Safe2Go was by far the best, most comprehensive programme of driving instruction I ever had. Because of that, I passed my test in one hit here in Sydney for a *manual* – when I almost gave up with the idea of driving entirely. Now I have the freedom to drive around instead of being limited to public transport. Got some excellent tips from the instructor that I will use for life.


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